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The breadth and  depth of Doug’s experience encompasses decades of leader  development and learning.  His ability to articulate the  succinct, and often simple, character traits that leaders must possess to be successful in whatever endeavor they are  pursuing is easily understood and effective.  The most  important thing leaders can do is to develop other  leaders.  Doug’s skills in coaching, mentoring, and  leading other leaders is superb and he has established a  successful record of making a difference!

Louis W. Weber, Brigadier General (Retired) , U.S. Army


Programs for small to mid-sized business owners with 2+ years of operating experience and over $2,000,000 gross revenues.

New or Emerging Managers

Programs for Managers who have just begun their leadership careers or those who have been selected for increasing responsibility.

C-Suite and Senior Executives

Exclusive programs for chief executives, senior leadership team members, and others working at the highest levels of larger businesses.